Darren Lehmann – Can he lift Australia from the doldrums?

Australia Cricket Press Conference

The mood surrounding Australian cricket suddenly seems to be upbeat as Darren Lehmann takes over coaching duties from the abruptly sacked Mickey Arthur. Described by many as a fun-loving yet inspiring figure, Lehmann’s national duties are nonetheless monumental requiring every ounce of this inspirational comport; merely days ahead of the team’s Ashes preparation.

On the face of it thus, Lehmann’s selection looks like a skewed decision taken almost in haste. But behind the so-called apparent lopsidedness, there’s a wealth of optimism hidden. By anointing a native successor to a post previously held by a South African, Cricket Australia wants a stringent measure to get across about its seriousness – however delayed it may have been – to try and restore the team to its former glory.

The fact that Lehmann is known to bring in a light-hearted atmosphere while ensuring that the team gets the job done, the way it is required of them; made him a primary and the most apt choice for the team’s coach. He’s not one to give ‘homework assignments’ to the team-members to complete and submit, but one of those guys who would rather see the team evaluate for themselves their mistakes and fallacies in the most interactive of manners.

So far into his selection, Lehmann has already taken charge in the most innovative of manners. He’s thrown open the mentoring doors to his fellow team-mates, inviting them to contribute their rich expertise in a bid to help fortify the team’s flagging momentum. This is a bold move and one that should definitely get the Australian some returns.

However, singularity in Lehmann’s coaching ideas aside; the transition for Australia to get back to the top would indeed take some time. While every team goes through this phase of extreme successes followed by a period of fallowness, in Australia’s case, the situation is hard to digest because of the long-run of their dominance.

The past era saw every other Australian player thrive, often causing disbelief as to how the nation was producing such geniuses repeatedly without any time-lapses. But the major difference between the past and the present is that the players then seemed to believe in themselves as much as they believed in their team-mates. Lehmann’s induction into such a team where confidence and morale have already hit rock bottom, thus comes at the most apt time. He belongs to that era of absolute Australian cricketing superiority. He may not played for the national squad as much as his talent deserved to, but trusting in Lehmann’s relatively untested coaching aptitude is indeed the right way to proceed further for the presently-stranded Australian cricketing prospects.

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