The curious case of Kaka

Real Madrid's Brazilian midfielder Kaka

Being a consistent player throughout a player’s career is difficult in any kind of sports. So when a player is going through a rough patch, some completely ignore everything he/she has done throughout the career while others support him/her for whatever reason. In recent times I have noted a special and serious case of Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, commonly known as Kaka. Has he been ignored more than a sports person should have been, when he/she is going through a sticky patch.

A few years ago, Kaka was one of those players who could make it to any team in the world. He was assessed by many experts as one of the best players of the century. His pace and control of the ball was scintillating to watch. His dribbling abilities were irrefutable.

When it comes to the question, what is the X-factor in great players, the answer is: “Great players are big match players”. And Kaka was arguably a big match player. The prime example is his performance against a star-studded Manchester United in semi-finals of UEFA CL in 2007. His second goal against United in that match is still one of the best in UEFA CL history.

Such performances were honored by the world by awarding him FIFA Ballon d’Or in 2007. Kaka was simply moving from strength to strength. Now, from this situation, a football fan could hardly believe that, in space of 3 years Kaka’s footballing career turned upside down. I would like to share a few reasons which could have played a part in Kaka’s current situation.

Picking International career over Club career

Kaka always chose his country ahead of club. In a world where players choose club over country, Kaka was an exceptional professional. He risked his entire career by playing in FIFA 2010 WC for Brazil with a serious muscular problem. After WC the doctor who was treating Kaka, spoke to MARCA that, Kaka played in deep pain in South Africa with a nagging injury that soon became “unbearably painful”.

He gave it all for Brazil in that WC and he was one of the top assist providers. After the injury he was sidelined for sometime. During this time Mesut Ozil was signed by Madrid as a back-up for Kaka. Ozil used his chance and made up for Kaka in Real Madrid squad.

Stubborn behavior of Manager towards Kaka

There is a ‘Special One’, whom the fans believe has contributed to the downfall of Kaka. It’s none other than the current Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho. I too believe that, to an extent, Mourinho has contributed in Kaka’s current situation. Kaka is not a super-natural person. He too is a natural human being. When a person is passing through a tricky period, he should be supported than ever before. But Mourinho didn’t had belief in such ethics. He actually ignored him than ever before.

Kaka was hardly provided playing time. Mourinho always preferred his favorites over Kaka. Kaka actually was used when Mourinho ‘favorites’ needed rest. Even when Ozil and Di Maria weren’t performing well, Kaka wasn’t considered. It is impossible to believe that he was below Jose Callejon, when it came to playing time. If not Mourinho, the football fans believe that Mourinho’s worst contribution to football is the way he destructed Kaka.

Kaka’s determination to succeed at Real Madrid

Real Madrid CF v Real Valladolid CF - La Liga

In interview’s, Kaka has always expressed his determination to succeed in Real Madrid. This could have cost him,his playing time, because the former Madrid Manager never had Kaka in his plans. He could have moved to another club, but he always knew the value of getting playing time in Real Madrid. He always fought for place in first eleven and no one can doubt his efforts. Whenever he was provided playing time, he showed the glimpses of the AC Milan form. Whenever there were rumors of Kaka leaving Real Madrid,he ignored it.

Being too good in his behavior

Kaka is true professional with a good behavior on and off the pitch. In Madrid, many players came out publicly against Manager when they weren’t getting playing time. Some of them even protested against him. But Kaka remained silent all the time and only commented that he was always trying to impress the Manager.

He never spoke out against the decisions of Manager. Even when there were reports of Mourinho having quarrel with several players, Kaka wasn’t involved amongst them. Kaka’s fellow countrymen Dani Alves once stated that: “Kaka would not have been treated like this at Barcelona”.

Finally, as good news for several Madrid fans and Kaka fans, Mourinho at last decided to discontinue his service at Madrid. The Man, who actually played a pivotal role in helping Kaka rise to the top of the World, arrived in Madrid. But the misery seems to be continuing for Kaka.

There are media reports that Kaka is not in plans of Ancelotti, and the signings of Isco and Asier Illarramendi are the warnings for Kaka to leave Madrid and he is set to lose his No. 8 shirt. These are all unconfirmed reports but there are certain questions, I would like to keep in front of genuine football fans.

What has Kaka done wrong? Is being loyal to the country which gave him birth a crime? Is being a true professional and good towards others an unwanted thing in football?

Some people tell that, the amount of the salary Kaka is getting in Madrid has pulled him from going back to another club. But such people should remember that, if Kaka was a greedy person, he wouldn’t have ignored a record offer from Manchester City, which was high above Madrid’s offer and Kaka was in peak of form when Manchester City approached Milan.

The reasoning behind why Kaka is still intending to stay in Madrid is that, he wants to succeed amongst the best and show why he was once a Ballon d’Or winner. Kaka hasn’t lost his shine enough to play for MLS clubs.


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