Analysing the Transfer Gossip – July 11: Part One

As we move in to the off-season, an unprecedented amount of managerial movement around Europe will surely see an already frantic transfer market go in to overdrive. This will give plenty of opportunities for transfer rumour and gossip. So how much of it is realistic?

Manchester City are set to make a shock move for Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo. Rivals Manchester United have spent several months paving the way for the 28-year-old to return to Old Trafford.

Real Madrid CF v Real Sociedad de Futbol  - Liga BBVA

Full story: Daily Star

What’s the story? Haha. Give it a rest. He won’t play for any club in England other than United and certainly not City.
Does it make sense? I’m wondering if this has just been plucked from nowhere; whether someone that wants Ronaldo back at United is leaking this kind of thing to try and hurry United in to making a bid rather than see him go to City. But that would be to presume that United are stupid enough to believe that City would even try this.
Is the price right? It doesn’t matter.
Will it happen? Absolute 0/10 – Not just 0, but absolute zero.

City are also closing in on Sevilla striker Alvaro Negredo, 27, after new boss Manuel Pellegrini admitted he was looking to reinforce his forward line.


Full story: Daily Express

What’s the story? This is more like it. City need a striker and Negredo is a good quality goal scorer who wants to play in the Champions League. Bingo.
Does it make sense? Facetiousness aside, it really does. Negredo is a pure finisher, which is what City need. Last season they struggled to score goals consistently and it cost them the title. Plus, they’re down to two senior strikers now.
Is the price right? Should be about £15-18m in the end. Good solid price.
Will it happen? 9/10 – City have missed out on other striker targets and don’t seem to be buying a ticket for the Benteke sweepstake.

Real Madrid are ready to hijack Arsenal’s bid to sign Liverpool striker Luis Suarez and are set to offer £40m for the 26-year-old Uruguayan

Liverpool v Newcastle United - Premier League

Full story: the Sun

What’s the story? Hang on. Real Madrid hijacking Arsenal’s bid for Suarez? Seriously?
Does it make sense? Well, the Real interest is what caused Suarez to ask to leave Liverpool in the first place and Arsenal only bid on Suarez to either push Real into selling Higuain or to calm the fans down.
Is the price right? Liverpool are supposed to want £50m, and so are unlikely to take £40m.
Will it happen? 5/10 – I don’t think any one other than Real, Liverpool and Arsenal know what’s happening.

Southampton are putting the finishing touches on a move for Celtic’s Kenyan midfielder Victor Wanyama, 22.

Celtic v Helsingborgs IF - UEFA Champions League Play Off Round

Full story: the Guardian

What’s the story?
Southampton are showing some impressive ambition so far this summer; and if they add Wanyama and maybe even Damiao to Lovren, they’ll be doing some good work.
Does it make sense? Sort of. Southampton have one of the best midfield combinations in Cork and Schneiderlin so Wanyama is probably going to be coming in to a midfield three. He’d add power to a fairly small team.
Is the price right? It’s too much. Wanyama had a good game against Barcelona and ploughed through the Scottish league, but £12.5m for this type of player is a strange move.
Will it happen? 10/10 – Seems inevitable now.

Newcastle are pondering moves for Man City winger Scott Sinclair, 22, and Reading’s 23-year-old goalkeeper Alex McCarthy.

Reading v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

Full story: Daily Mirror

What’s the story? The other bit to this story is that it’s because ‘they want to sign more British players’, which is an awful way of going about things.
Does it make sense? Not sure why they’d need McCarthy when they have Krul. And before you think that is this is because Steve Harper has retired, ask yourself whether McCarthy, who was outstanding at times last season, wants to sit on Newcastle’s bench. Sinclair makes some sense, but they’d be better off trying to get more from Marveaux and Ben Arfa.
Is the price right? Sinclair would be a loan presumably, unless they want to offer £5m or so. It’s a reasonable fee for Sinclair, but it’s not a great fit. McCarthy? £3m or so, which is too much for a back up.
Will it happen? 5/10: Sinclair 0/10: McCarthy

Crystal Palace are set to offer £1.5m to West Brom for striker Peter Odemwingie, 31, who fell from favour at The Hawthorns after a proposed move to QPR in January fell through.

West Bromwich Albion v Southampton - Premier League
Full story: the Guardian

What’s the story? Well, he did say he wanted to leave West Brom and head to London.
Does it make sense? It does football-wise. Odemwingie is a good threat if he gets his head back in gear.
Is the price right? £1.5m is a good price, but the question is whether Palace can really pay a bigger wage than West Brom. The pay rise and move to a more glamorous part of London was why he wanted to go to QPR. Now he wants a lower wage and a move to Croydon?
Will it happen? 6/10 – It could do. He’s not exactly overwhelmed with offers right now.



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