Analysing the Transfer Gossip – 14th July: Part One

As we move into the off-season an unprecedented amount of managerial movement around Europe will surely see an already frantic transfer market go in to overdrive. This will give plenty of opportunities for transfer rumour and gossip. So how much of it is realistic?

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers wants to sign Ajax midfielder Christian Eriksen, 21.

Christian Eriksen

What’s the story? Christian Eriksen topped my list of five players Liverpool should look at having missed out on Mkhitaryan.

Does it make sense? Yes. It’s not a perfect fit because of the presence of Philippe Coutinho who could easily also occupy the number 10 role that Eriksen would be brought in to play. However, the young Dane’s imaginative range of passing and ability to score goals would make him a great compliment to what they already have.

Is the price right? It seems that Ajax aren’t getting the size of bids that they were expecting for him. They said they wanted £20m or so, but with only a year left on his contract that is looking unlikely now. They might accept £15m which would be a bargain.

Will it happen? 5/10 – They’ve been linked for quite a long time, but it depends whether Eriksen would prefer to play in the Champions League.

Rodgers also wants 24-year-old centre-back Toby Alderweireld of Ajax.

Toby Alderweireld

What’s the story? Liverpool need central defensive help, and like Eriksen, Alderweireld has only a year left on his contract.

Does it make sense? Liverpool fans shouldn’t be alarmed at bidding on a player Norwich bid on, the Canaries move was a statement of massive ambition. Alderweireld is a top quality defender. The question is, he’s a ball player, so does he fit with Agger?

Is the price right? They accepted £7m from Norwich. It’s great value.

Will it happen? 7/10 – Rodgers will like his passing style and physicality, and he comes at a good price. But he’s been available for a while now, and they haven’t done anything about it.

And Chelsea left-back Ryan Bertrand, 23 to make it a hat-trick of new signing.

Ryan Bertrand

What’s the story? Rodgers will know Bertrand from his time at Chelsea.

Does it make sense? Not really. I’m not convinced by the common thought that Bertrand is being groomed to take over from Ashley Cole at Chelsea so he could be available. However, Liverpool have the talented young left back Jack Robinson in development who could easily be at least as good.

Is the price right? Chelsea would probably take £4m.

Will it happen? 3/10 – Not sure Rodgers wants to give up on Robinson as the long term option to develop.

Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini’s buy-out clause of £23.5m expires on 14 August and, if Arsenal and Manchester United want to sign the 25-year-old Belgium international for that amount, they have one month left to do so.

Marouane Fellaini

What’s the story? The papers assumed that Fellaini was going to be the number one target for both clubs, but he’s still sitting there untouched.

Does it make sense? Maybe it does. But then maybe both clubs have managed to keep negotiations secret? It would depend how he is to be used by both clubs. Might be better in a three man midfield than a two man and Everton are probably going to be the only team of the three playing like that.

Is the price right? It’s hard to tell really. Fellaini is a confusing player to value. At his best he can be the one man wrecking ball. But do you pay this much for a player who isn’t a subtle passer of the ball? But then he can score goals and is solid defensively. Really does depend on the shape of the midfield.

Will it happen? 3/10 – Can’t commit any more than this at the moment really.

Tottenham are struggling to offload striker Emmanuel Adebayor as they seek to find the funds to make a bid for Aston Villa’s 22-year-old striker Christian Benteke.

Emmanuel Adebayor

What’s the story? Tottenham are stuck with Adebayor because of his performances last season.

Does it make sense? Yes. He’s on a big wage and teams aren’t going to be tempted to pay for him. They could possibly get someone to take him on loan though.

Is the price right? A loan would be good for someone but otherwise it’s hard to see anyone paying £5m or more given the wages too.

Will it happen? 4/10 – I can see him being at Spurs next year. He’s going to be even more unpopular than he already is if the club miss out on Benteke because they’re stuck with him.

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