Barclay’s Premier League 2013-2014: What to expect from Chelsea

It’s a season like no other for the teams, players, and fans alike. The Barclay’s Premier League action will soon rock the world of football again, but why is it that this season is like no other?

First of all, we start with the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson from Manchester United. A constant for decades, his exit has left a hole that not just anyone can fill. And there’s the return of the Special (or now happy) One, Jose Mourinho, to Chelsea. Manuel Pelligreni arrives at Manchester City. And last but not least, Arsenal actually have some cash.

As we may have seen for the past few years, Chelsea have been no strangers to success, with league trophies and cups, a Champions League triumph and last year’s Europa League success. But this season, they have something they haven’t possessed in a while, if ever. Chelsea, with the likes of Juan Mata, Eden Hazard, Oscar, and David Luiz, have not just a midfield that is among the best, but rivals that of Pep’s Barcelona.

In Mata, you have the class and calmness of Xavi, and in Hazard the flair of Iniesta. They are still not at the same level, but they are not too far away. In Oscar, you can see a young Kaka. And Luiz, well, you have a bit of a mad bomber scoring flyers here and there, with goal line clearances flying about and tackles that make you go ‘OWWW!’ in you chair while watching at home. But still, he’s the heart and soul of a midfield which oozes brilliance.

And at the helm, who other than the Special One? Mourinho’s return to Chelsea was no surprise, but it was still greeted with roars and cheers from all across West London. If Mourinho can get his tactics right and get off to a flyer, I can definitely see them challenging, if not cruising to the title. Mourinho has arguably the most talented bunch of players in the Premier League at his disposal. If he could just get his tactics straight, maybe, just maybe, he could break his record league points of 95.

As for transfers, Chelsea always do what they do best – buy, buy, buy. Andre Schurrle arrived as soon as Mourinho did, and Marco Van Ginkel was soon to follow. In those two young players, Mourinho has more options than ever. Then you factor in the return of Kevin De Bruyne. All of those to join Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Moses, Ramires, Lampard, and maybe Luiz in the midfield. Andre can also provide competition for Torres, Ba and the returning Lukaku. And on that note, we move on to the last piece of business Chelsea are trying to conclude.

Many think that Chelsea are in dire need to sign a world class forward, but I personally disagree. Not because Ba has a nick for flying volleys or because Torres is regaining form. Neither interests me. It’s Lukaku who I see as the main man for Chelsea. He is young, true, but also frighteningly skilful. The Belgian scored goals for fun at West Bromich. A tally of 17 isn’t something to be made fun of. I can’t help but think that with Mata and Co. supplying him, he could hit 20-25 easily. In Lukaku, Chelsea have a Didier Drogba in the making, and let’s be honest, no one was as fearsome as the Drog.

All in all, I would give Chelsea the favourites tag, with City not that far behind; but if the Special One gets it right, I can’t see anyone stopping them.


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