The pain with Wayne – How Chelsea might be Rooney’s calling

SL Benfica v Manchester United FC - UEFA Champions League

The love affair between Wayne Rooney and the Old Trafford faithful has seemingly come to an abrupt halt

When you first met him, he was dashing. A council estate maverick with a gleam in his eye.

Well maybe not, but he was really good at football at least.

After a short romance, you got together. It was a fantastic relationship. He was passionate and driven, and had the qualities you wanted in a man. The next few years were lovely. You created memories that will never be forgotten, and it just felt like it was for…ever.

But one night he didn’t come home. Where could he be? You had noticed there was a change in him towards you, but it is understandable that the spark sometimes does burn less bright over time. But you thought nothing of it…

That is until he told you he fancied leaving you.

Then, of course, he changed his mind, because you begged him, but it did feel like it was all just on ‘borrowed time’…he told you he wanted to spice things up, to experiment more – so you invited that Dutch guy who works at the pub round for a ‘Ménage à trois

It seemed to go well – you all enjoyed yourself, but then it just turned out he was jealous, because the Dutchman out performed him. You were back to square one, and suddenly he’s looking at expensive houses in Surrey.

You always know it is over, even before it ends…

Wayne Rooney needs to leave Manchester United. With every passing day it feels more like an inevitability rather than just a possibility. That spark we all had, when we used to talk about him, watch him on the pitch, defend him to all his detractors – it is fading fast.

There is no doubt the boy is a top class footballer. His goal record is clear, and his contribution over the years cannot be questioned. But where Ronaldo took the next step and went from the clouds, to bursting through the ceiling of the stratosphere, Wayne has always just hovered above the horizon.

Wayne Rooney of Everton

The sparkle (like in the old days) might just be back in his game if Rooney decides to move to Stamford Bridge and becomes the pivot of their frontline

Comfortable in his skin, as a boy from the north-west, who made good with his talent, and drives a nice Bentley as a result. Yes his trophy cabinet is packed, but that is because he is at Manchester United in midst of their golden period in the club’s history, and not because he was the driving force. He could have been our next Cantona – but alas, he never hit that peak.

It is worth noting that most of what you read about Wayne in the press is complete tripe. But it is also worth noting that if something comes out that Rooney wishes to refute, he is very quick off the mark to do so. We hear now at how ‘angry and confused’ he is, after David Moyes recent comments about needing him if anything happens to RvP – but surely Rooney actually speaks to his manager and knows where he stands?

It is fair to say that a fit Wayne Rooney picks himself. Even if Van Persie is playing at the point of the attack, then our number ten would still be on the pitch somewhere. He is hardly going to warm the bench.

But as I said, you know it is the end, even before it is over. Rooney needs a new challenge, and we need a new hero. You could see it when he walked round that Old Trafford pitch on the last day of the season. The old Wayne would’ve been fuming at missing the occasion.

Instead he trotted on, got his medal, and grinned like a boy with a packet of sweets. It was the same on the victory parade. The only player who looked detached (besides Paul Scholes, who is a master of such an art), texting his mates like a 15-year-old girl, obsessed with BBM.

As I write this, the news of a Chelsea bid for the player has broken. It is no surprise. With the abysmal waste of money that is Fernando Torres, Chelsea need a centre forward. If Wayne is SO desperate to play as a striker, then West London is perfect for him.

The red tops are also hinting that Chelsea might offer us Juan Mata. I would drive Wayne to London myself if that fact was true – but I am sure it is not. It was Thiago on Monday, Fabregas on Tuesday, and now its Mata on Wednesday. Can’t wait for the Iniesta bid on Thursday.

Rooney’s biggest issue is that he is a child. One we have pampered for too long. Sir Alex must take the weight of the blame for that. Rather than solidify his legacy as a United great, it looks like Wayne will be treading the boards in the Big Smoke. Maybe his greatest achievements are yet to come, but that is a risk we will have to take. ‘No player is bigger than the club’ is a mantra we have heard many times, in reference to bona fide legends who have worn that famous Red shirt. That football cliché is as relevant today, as it has ever been.

I am bored of waiting on the reactions of a child. I am bored of letting him flood the club with insecurity.

So if Wayne goes, it is certainly with my blessing. He has had a great career as a United player. He will go with a handshake and smile. Once a blue always a blue? The ball is now in Wayne’s court to prove if he really wants to be a Red or not.

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