Moyes’ dilemma: Stepping into Fergie’s shoes

What is he laughing about? – David Moyes

Not even in his wildest dreams, would David Moyes have ever imagined that he would one day be managing England’s greatest club. Having previously managed Preston North End and Everton, Moyes has definitely made it to the big league now.

Moyes was arguably, one of the best managers Everton ever had. Within just three years of him taking charge, he delivered Champions League qualification for the Toffees. He also took them to the FA Cup finals in 2009.

Everton, being a relatively cash strapped club, he managed to bring in some extremely talented players at miserly rates, Tim Cahill being the best example. Not to mention, what he has done for Everton’s youth academy.

Today, Everton have an academy that they can brag about, and all of it due to David Moyes. One of top players, that Everton’s youth ranks has produced is undoubtedly, Wayne Rooney, who will probably be playing under Moyes for the second time, only this time, it will be at Manchester United.

Tactically sound, passionate and a good eye for talent, Moyes definitely has the qualities to manage a top side. The only aspect that the Scott lacks, is the experience of managing at such a high level. Many figured, that he would the man, who would replace Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, based on their numerous similarities both as a person and a coach.

When the day did arrive, when Ferguson announced his retirement and Moyes was named his successor, many Manchester United fans dreaded this decision.

Will he able to replicate Sir Alex’s success? Would he be able to turn around a game with a single half-time team talk?

These where the questions ringing in the minds of United fans. It was obvious that Moyes did have his doubters, but he also had a large contingent supporting him and leading this contingent was none other than Sir Alex Ferguson himself.

Having personally named Moyes as his successor, Ferguson rallied every United fan behind the new coach in his final speech as a Manchester United manager. A speech, that touched every United fan’s heart and also brought a tear to the eyes of neutral supporters as well.

Ever since taking charge of the Red Devils, Moyes has admittedly struggled with media scrutiny and man management to a certain level. The big saga surrounding Wayne Rooney, has surely put Moyes in a twist.

Commenting that he would need Rooney as Robin van Persie’s backup didn’t help his cause one bit. Losing his first pre-season game as a United manager to the Singha All Stars did not do much good either.

But who said it would be easy? As many United fans will remember that even Ferguson struggled in his first few months at United, to such a point, that he was on the verge of being booted out of the job. But United stuck with him and it turned out being one of the best decisions they ever made.

Can Moyes handle the pressure? Can he walk in Ferguson’s shoes? As we draw closer and closer to the new season, we can only wait and watch.


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