Analysing the Transfer Gossip – 30th July

As we move in to the off-season, an unprecedented amount of managerial movement around Europe will surely see an already frantic transfer market go into overdrive. This will give plenty of opportunities for transfer rumour and gossip. So how much of it is realistic?

Manchester United are planning a £25m bid to sign Luka Modric, 27, from Real Madrid after coming to the realisation that they are unlikely to secure any of their primary transfer targets.


 What’s the story? Modric was  one of five midfield targets I picked out or United instead of Thiago Alcantara.

Does it make sense? Yes. Modric has the kind of elegance on the ball and ability to dribble, pass and score that United need to add dynamism to the one weakish area of their team. Real have signed Illarramendi to add to Khedira and Xabi Alonso, and all four are competing for two spots so something has to give.

Is the price right? No reason for Real to accept this as they paid £30m for him last summer and he is still worth that.

Will it happen? 6/10 – It may do. I would fancy United to be at the front of the queue if he becomes available.

Chelsea are resolute in their refusal to entertain any bids for David Luiz after it emerged Bayern Munich are considering a £34.5m move for the 26-year-old defender.


What’s the story? Right. Super rich Chelsea don’t want to sell one of starting players because they don’t need to or want to? What’s new?

Does it make sense? There is literally no reason for them to sell David Luiz.

Is the price right? No. When do these big club to big club transfers ever really happen? What are Chelsea going to be able to do with that money to get themselves a similar standard player?

Will it happen? 0/10 – Unless I’ve missed the news that Chelsea sell star players (which they never have under Abramovich) this won’t happen.

Arsene Wenger is determined not to raise Arsenal’s £40m bid for Liverpool striker Luis Suarez – even if it means the transfer going to the wire.


 What’s the story? Well, if Arsenal want to play a game of brinkmanship with Liverpool, it’s very risky because if Liverpool decide not to back down it’s Arsenal who lose out as they will have signed no players having promised so much.

Does it make sense? Only because they’ve backed themselves in to this position. They’ve had an awful window so far, promising big name players and not delivering anything whatsoever. If this doesn’t come off for them, and there’s no reason for Liverpool to under sell themselves, then there will be unrest at the Emirates.

Is the price right? It’s a fair amount but £15m less than what Liverpool want.

Will it happen? 4/10 – Still can’t give this a high number.

Tottenham have entered the running to sign Steaua Bucharest’s 23-year-old defender Vlad Chiriches.


 What’s the story? Chiriches has come to prominence in the middle of Romania’s defence and with solid showings for Steaua in European competition.

Does it make sense? Maybe. Although he ended up using him a lot, it’s hard to be convinced that Villas-Boas really rates Michael Dawson and then with Younes Kaboul injury prone Spurs could probably do with an other centre back to push things.

Is the price right? At least £6m. It’s a decent but not ‘can’t miss’ type proposition.

Will it happen? 5/10 – This is a little out of the blue, but Spurs do like good value and may feel this represents it.

Norwich City manager Chris Hughton hopes to recruit more players this summer and admits being interested in 30-year-old Juventus striker Fabio Quagliarella.


What’s the story? Really? Despite having spent £13.5m on Hooper and van Wolfswinkel. Who would be missing out?

Does it make sense? Not really. Although Qualiarella is a good player, probably better than the two they’ve signed actually, Norwich can’t afford a luxury buy, and a third striker in a team that sometimes played with one last season is a luxury.

Is the price right? £6m ish is probably about right, but on top of the current spend it’s too much for someone that doesn’t fill a need.

Will it happen? 2/10 – Very unlikely. No real value or need and Quagliarella seems happy in Italy.


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