Is the football transfer market self-destructing?

Gareth Bale – worth £100 million?

We have all grown used to clubs locked in bitter conflict, creating a sort of stalemate on our fantasy team selections apart from other pressing issues. But the trio from the EPL that are in the midst of a month long battle should have us reflecting on where the transfer market is heading.

For example, take the exceptional proposal of Real Madrid in their ‘shameless’ pursuit of Welshman Gareth Bale, which is inconceivable. If £100 million is the price for a player who is not among the top 10, I cannot imagine what Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s transfer fees would look like if they ever decided to move on from their respective clubs.

Arsene Wenger, who has come forward with his own statement, had rightly questioned such a bid in light of the Financial Fair Play (which kicks in this year) for the clubs. He said: “It makes a joke of them [the FFP rules]. It is quite amazing that in the year when the financial fair play comes in, the world has gone completely crazy.

And then there is the ongoing debate of players wanting to leave the club, but not being let go. And the confusion exists with Suarez and Arsenal, where those that have left the club had gone onto win trophies and league titles. Granted that the Uruguayan would get a potential shot at Champions League and access to a better lifestyle, but if his intention for the move is to win trophies, it looks highly unlikely.

Finally, we have a one-time cherished hero of Manchester United who is insisting on a move to Chelsea. Since his initial transfer request that was turned down in May, which according to him, was never requested ever, he had fallen out with the club. And the coming of his old Everton manager, who gave him his first break; David Moyes does not seem to have improved his frame of mind either.

It all means that in the coming few weeks, at least the three dramas will be solved. I stick to my viewpoint of player transfers in football; if a player has requested a transfer, the love for the club does not exist anymore, and the clubs should make minimal effort in making the player stay. If they do not want to be there, why keep them? Focus the energy on the players that have the zeal for the club. You do not want to bring in instability in the dressing room which could be detrimental in the long run.

The battle over the transfers will get solved at some point — if not by Aug 31, then by the end of January window.

The solution of respecting the FFP within the larger transfer market? That will take longer.

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