The farce that is the BCCI


Indian cricketers are faring excellently in their Zimbabwean tour but the same cannot be said for their governing authority – the BCCI. The Bombay High Court’s verdict quashing the probe panel as ‘illegal’ has once again put the BCCI in a quandary with innumerable questions raised about its ability to conduct necessary proceedings with required veracity.

The larger problem however isn’t about the way BCCI has gone on about solving the issue. But rather on the variances of opinion and stances taken by various members within its ranks soon after the High Court issued its verdict. The immediate backpedaling by some of the BCCI officials about the probe panel established to look into the controversial events yet again brings to the fore the truth about certain powerful elements commanding and steering the overall functioning of the nation’s cricketing body.

It’s also quite ironic that the probe panel’s findings have once again cast into limelight the aspect of lack of transparency that the BCCI had sought to remedy in the first place. The governing body may still claim about eradicating the rot prevailing within the sport, but the farce that the probe panel has proven to be presents a total contradiction to these claims. So far, months after the under-belly of the IPL was first exposed, the stalemate still persists on the issue thanks to the clout of certain people over-whelming the governing body’s intended objectives of ensuring and enforcing a clean and untainted cricketing order.

An offshoot of this stalemate also transfers on the tournament and to the participating teams. The High Court verdict has also effectively snatched the brief period of respite that two of the more prominent IPL teams enjoyed thanks to the probe panel giving them the all-clear. With the IPL being the core money-ball event of the BCCI, the continuance of this stalemate can cause irreparable damage to the viewing of the IPL amongst the audiences alike – across the cricketing world. The IPL set a unique precedence with its initiation, even with the likes of the Big Bash League. However the shadow of doubt looming over it presently with regard to the intent of the players contesting it has made it a mockery of its initial purpose, giving the sport’s puritans another reason to cast aspersions on the tournament.

T20 cricket has been perceived to be the bane of test cricket in recent times. These sullying factors to T20 cricket – concentrated in one tournament – thus stand to tarnish the format’s lucrative appeal amongst the widespread global audiences even more. It is therefore only prudent that this conflicting mire is resolved as early as possible with the least possible repercussions to not just one cricketing facet but also to the entire national cricketing domain as well.

Merely accepting that the appointed body wasn’t up to the prescribed rules and regulations isn’t going to be enough for the BCCI. The clout that a few people wield over the others within its ranks needs to be eliminated thoroughly, perhaps with finer methods than the ones that were employed and that are being sought to be employed in the forthcoming days. Time is long gone for verbal assurances and explanations from the BCCI. These promises seem to present a façade of brightness when the horizon looks as bleak as it was months ago; probably more so in the light of these recent debacles.

The Indian cricket team’s 5-0 whitewash over their seemingly clueless Zimbabwean counterparts has allowed India to emphatically maintain its status quo as the world’s best ODI team. The team richly deserves this laurel, a third overseas title in as many months. But what it doesn’t deserve is the backlash of the IPL controversy seeping into its international cricketing commitments. The passion that these cricketers have displayed during the turbulence and the tough times they have endured in the aftermath of the spot-fixing scandal has been quite exemplary. For the sake of these committed professionals too, the BCCI needs to come up with an appropriate solution. One that’s prompt, and yet well-balanced, so as to eradicate the rot still spreading its tentacles in Indian cricket.


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