Rumblings of a Gooner

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger during the Emirates Cup match between Arsenal and Napoli at the Emirates Stadium on August 03, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)
The first game of the Premier League season is upon us. This summer saw the hopes of Arsenal fans rise, and all of the fans were thinking the time has come when all our dreams come true. But this summer has been spent chasing mirages. That marquee signing we all had been hoping for never came. It might still come but this summer has put a big dent in my optimistic mindset.

Jovetic, Higuain, Gustavo, Ashley Williams – should all have been ours by now, but one after one our hopes have been dashed by reasons unknown. We have an unknown talent in Yaya Sanogo, who might well prove to be the Christian Benteke of this season, but I can’t put my trust in him. Nothing personal, Sanogo. Other than this signing, we have seen a lot of deadwood being cleared. Only the presumptuous Nicklas Bendtner, and the invisible Park Chu Young, are left of the lot I wouldn’t like to have at the Emirates. So that is a big positive for us.

But this deadwood clearance has left our squad paper thin and it hasn’t taken a lot of time to show what a few injuries could do to our squad. The injury plague has struck Emirates. Arteta, Vermaelen and Monreal are not going to get fit for a month or more. Ramsey and Walcott are doubtful for the first game, which leaves us in a rather precarious situation.

The situation is such that we will have to spend and even Wenger must know this. We need a centre-back, a defensive midfielder and a striker. Anything less and we will only be a few injuries away from playing Ramsey as a defender, midfielder and forward all in the same match. Okay, this is a little far fetched but you get the point.

So here I present my wishlist:

Ashley Williams, Swansea City

Adil Rami, Valencia

Toby Alderweireld, Ajax

Defensive midfielder:
Lars Bender, Bayern Leverkusen

Sven Bender, Borussia Dortmund

Geoffrey Kondogbia, Sevilla

Morgan Schneiderlin, Southampton


Michu, Swansea City

Erik Lamela, AS Roma

Stefan Kießling, Bayern Leverkusen

One signing from each and we would be in a much better shape than we are now.

I have left out Rooney and Suarez from this list. The reason being their clubs are not willing to sell them and we would be paying a hell lot of money for them. The attempt to sign them could be left for the winter transfer window. The money saved by not buying them can be used to put in the extra 5 million for a surer signing.

So, I end this article with the hope that Wenger too is using his brains, and when it comes to football, his is definitely better than mine.

In Arsene we trust.

PS: What do you guys think are the chances of Arsenal signing Sergio Aguero if a £40 million bid is made for him?

I think City might be tempted as they already have Dzeko, Negredo and Jovetic, and for Aguero, the benefit will be that he will be getting more playing time.


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