This is why Chelsea should win the Premier League

Chelsea v Indonesia All-Stars
Chelsea backed to win the Premier League
Now that the 22nd Barclays Premier League is set to kick off, expectations around the globe are sky high. Most fans like me are delighted with the very fact that the league is going to start.

If one looks at the teams in the Premier League, it is clear that one team stands head and shoulders above the rest. The team is Chelsea Football Club.

Now, I am not a Chelsea fan, but I am objective enough to see how strong the Blues really are. They have a squad that is a perfect mix of youth and experience. They have players who can play both beautiful football, and they have the mentality and mental strength to grind out results. They have ‘The Happy One’ a.k.a Jose Mourinho as their coach, and all in all look set to take the league by storm.

Let us look at the rest of the contenders for the league title to display how Chelsea are superior to them.

Manchester United: As an United fan I can honestly say that they are not in the best of shapes. Sir Alex has bid a goodbye, so has Paul Scholes. Giggs is on the road to becoming a coach and the Rooney fiasco is a shame for the club. Other than that, the midfield is built on Carrick and if he gets injured there is no one to hold on to the pieces. Add to that the fact that Moyes is new to this level of management, and regaining the title looks like a dream.

Manchester City: They could challenge the Londoners, but they have plenty of issues of their own. Pellegrini is a seasoned coach, but is entering the English scene for the first time. The style of playing on the counter and overloading the attacks with fullbacks may not work in England where Manchester City will have to break through packed midfields and defenses.

Add to that the fact that even after retaining such a high-caliber squad, he has recruited heavily, this could work for the ‘Citizens’ but could also lead to internal problems.

Now, I would not count Arsenal, Liverpool or Tottenham Hotspurs as genuine title contenders. Arsenal have failed to recruit any of their desired targets, while Liverpool need more than Mignolet and Iago Aspas to become genuine title contenders.

Coming back to Chelsea, I find them a better team than last season. And although Van Ginkel and Andre Schurrle are a reason for that, the main reason for this is ‘The Special One’.

Mourinho is intricately connected to the club and its players. He occupies as important a place in the heart of the club as Gianfranco Zola. His return will most probably see a revitalized John Terry and Lampard back to his destructive best.

They have options everywhere. Apart from Bayern Munich, Chelsea are the only club in Europe who can boast of a Champions League level second playing eleven.

In the center of defense they have Terry, Ake and Cahill. Ivanovic can play at center back and Luiz alternated brilliantly between defensive midfield and attack last season. I see Mourinho using Luiz as more of a ‘Libero’ from defensive midfield.

In fullback area, Cole and Ivanivic seem to be the men in favour but in case of injuries or dip in form they have able understudies in the form of Azpilicueta and Bertrand.

In midfield, they have Essien, Ramires, Mikel, Lampard and Oscar too was impressive in a holding position last season. All of these players bring different qualities to the table and give Mourinho the option to change and improve.

In attack, Mata and Hazard were brilliant last season. And all that can be expected that they will touch new heights of brilliance this season. And Schurrle, Van Ginkel, Victor Moses and De Bruyne are worthy replacements to have.

In the striking slot, Mourinho has a lot of variety. He has Torres, who he wants to revive. He has Demba Ba who has the knack of scoring big goals in games and he has Romelu Lukaku, who completed a brilliant season with West Bromwich Albion.

Even for Petr Cech, he has a worthy replacement in the form of Mark Schwarzer, who at the age of 40 is still quick and agile.

From all this one can satisfactorily conclude that even before a ball has been kicked it is Chelsea’s title to lose.

This is an illustration to show how strong Chelsea really are:

football formations


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