No mercy from Chelsea – starting with Aston Villa tonight

Blog by: Chelsea Daft

Chelsea v Hull City - Premier League

Chelsea prepare for Aston Villa

Jose Mourinho has called for his players to show ‘no mercy” to weaker opposition in light of our second half performance against Hull last Sunday.

After a blistering start, which to be fair has impressed even non Chelsea fans, the press and media focused their attention on our calmer, second half performance and in typical fashion, Mourinho has defended his players, stating that they had all taken part in International fixtures during the previous week.

However, given the opportunity in the future, Mourinho has demanded that we take full advantage. He said:

“We want to win matches but when you have the chance to destroy, beat a team by three or four of five, we have to do it because when somebody has the chance to do it to you, they don’t forgive you.

If somebody feels they can do it to us they will do it, so if we have the chance we have to do it. When you can show you are much better you have to show it because when you are in trouble, they smash you.”

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Mourinho is spot on once again in my view. In this instance, you can understand the players taking it a little easier because it was just the first game of the season and there were international fixtures building up to that game.

Now, I mean no disrespect to the teams I am labeling as “weaker” in the Premier League because as we know, anyone can beat anyone on their day and tonight’s opponents are a classic example of that. How many of you would have had Aston Villa down to beat Arsenal at the Emirates last weekend?

It’s a coincidence that Villa come to Stamford Bridge tonight, at the same time that the manager is calling for us to be more ruthless, as Villa know very well what that feels like, after being beaten by the 8-0 scoreline last season.

Do I see a repeat of that performance and scoreline tonight? No chance. Villa are a much better side now than they were this time last season and it will be a much harder game for the Blues.

You have to earn the right to win matches in the Premier League these days and the so called “banker” games simply do not exist anymore.

However, when you are playing well and the opposition is struggling to live with you as a football team, it’s important that we do as Mourinho has demanded because we have seen in recent seasons that goal difference is important.

I still believe it’s early in the season to expect the players to go all out for 90 minutes, playing with the same levels of intensity as we did for 45 minutes against Hull.

After Mourinho has taken the time to speak out to us and his players, I would expect a marked improvement in our performance tonight and especially in the second half.

Whether that’s enough to beat Aston Villa tonight is yet to be seen.

Come on Chelsea!

Carefree & KTBFFH!


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