Torres and Eto’o – Are they enough for the season?

Blog by: Chelsea Daft

Hello Chelsea fans! I am asking you the question after Chelsea have loaned out Victor Moses and Romelu Lukaku yesterday!

Now you may wonder as to why I haven’t included Demba Ba in the mix. Well, if you do not know already, Chelsea were prepared to let him leave the club before the window closed and if reports are true, Arsenal were interested in yet another loan deal. A loan fee couldn’t be agreed and the deal came to nothing.

The fact that Chelsea were prepared to let him go is a massive indication that after the pre season and the build up to the season, Jose Mourinho has had time to have a look at Ba and feels as though he is someone that would be suited elsewhere. Harsh on Ba I know, but football can be ruthless at times. I expect Ba to leave Chelsea in January.

The thing that concerns me at the moment (and I may have nothing to worry about) is Samuel Eto’o hasn’t yet kicked a ball for Chelsea and we have let two of our young talents go! It’s common knowledge that players who have not had experience of playing Premier League football or football in this country for that matter, need time to adjust and to get used to the pace of our game.

Eto’o is world class and I am sure he will settle down quickly but you have to think of the bigger picture. You do have to wonder how both he and Fernando Torres will react to competition for a start from each other?

For Chelsea Football Club, it can only be a positive and a good thing. We all saw last season how Fernando Torres virtually burnt himself out from the beginning of the season to the end of January because he had no real competition for his place. Danny Sturridge was injured then sold and Demba Ba came to the club as a stop gap and to provide a second option (as Lukaku was scoring goals for fun at West Brom by the way!).

So what of Torres this season?

Once again Torres starts the season under pressure to establish himself with the manager. Once again the doubters and detractors will sit waiting for him to fail. Once again, Fernando Torres has to prove himself in a Chelsea shirt throughout the season.

We have to be honest when talking of Torres and it’s important to focus on his achievement last season. If anyone had offered you 22 goals from him at this time last season, you would have taken it without question compared to previous seasons.

The problem he had with last season and that carries him forward to this is his lack of goals in the League. How many months had it been before he scored at the end of the season before he had bagged a Premier League goal?

Torres has lived with the £50m burden for a few years now and knows what to expect from all sides. At one stage last season it looked like a section of the Chelsea support had turned on him, but thankfully that seems to have changed for the positive.

You do worry for Torres because you have to imagine that Mourinho will not stand for below par performances and an end result. Torres needs goals this season more than ever, with it being World Cup year, and I have to say he has made a great start with his goal against Bayern Munich the other night.

The Torres goal was a sign of the player of old who, without thinking and letting his instincts take over, struck the ball sweetly on the volley into the top corner. If he carries on like that, he could have his best season here without question.

So what of Samuel Eto’o?

At 32 years of age, there were certain eyebrows raised when he signed for Chelsea and if reports are to be believed, the deal was part and parcel of the signing of Willian.

What does he bring to Chelsea? It’s simple – a much better alternative option than Demba Ba right now to provide competition for the start with Torres.

Chelsea’s attacking potential is there for all to see. Plenty of options, flair, creativity and players who are more than capable of unlocking the door in an instant. Players that Samuel Eto’o has been feeding off of for years and has proven himself time and time again.

Mourinho is no mug and isn’t stupid. He knew exactly what he was going to get when he turned to Eto’o after the Rooney chase came to nothing.

Having played under him and thrived in the all conquering Inter Milan side, Eto’o also knows what is expected of him from the manager.

If Eto’o can settle into life at Chelsea and in the Premier League quickly, we could end up with the bargain of the season. We just have to hope that this is the case and it will be interesting to see just how long it takes before he starts a game in the League.

To sum up..

Chelsea’s problem last season was a lack of goals and a lack of goals from our forwards. Yes, goals were spread throughout the team which is always a good thing, but up top, as proven by United buying Van Persie from The Arsenal last season, you need someone who is going to be scoring goals for you week in, week out if you are to sustain and maintain a real title challenge.

In Torres and Ba, we never had that. In Torres and Eto’o I personally believe we have this time around.

Is it enough? I think so! Do you?


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