Henrique Hilario has the easiest job In Football

Blog by: Kris

Henrique Hilario (L) with first-choice Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech (R) after they won the UEFA Europa League last season (Getty Images)

Having been left out of Chelsea’s Premier League and UEFA Champions League squad, it is hard to argue against the fact that Henrique Hilario has the easiest job in football.

He is ineligible to play for majority of the matches; he is going to be more like a groupie with a backstage pass for every game than a member of the band.

With Mark Schwarzer likely to play in the Capital One Cup and FA Cup, it seems that Hilario will at worst have to warm the bench for Chelsea, but even then we would hope Jamal Blackman would get the nod ahead of the 37-year-old.

Get up, train, travel the world and watch football matches – I think anyone would fancy that as third if not fourth choice goalkeeper at Chelsea Football Club.

All these perks and you are earning more in a month than most earn in a year – sign me up.

I write in jealousy of course, Hilario seems like a decent chap, has a certain charm for the ladies and when called upon he has performed to a reasonable level including one brilliant performance against Barcelona in a 1-0 win.

Hard to argue that Henrique Hilario does not have the easiest job in football though!

Good work if you can get it I say!


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