Is Gary Cahill now one of Jose Mourinho’s new untouchables?

Blog by: Chelsea Daft

Gary Cahill

Gary Cahill

Talking to the Chelsea fans I know, Gary Cahill has come on leaps and bounds as a centre half ever since he joined Chelsea in January 2012. His performances of late for Chelsea and for England have prompted me to ask the you all the question:

Is he now one of Mourinho’s new untouchables?

Looking at the defensive frailties of David Luiz and with Jose Mourinho stating openly on record that he sees Branislav Ivanovic as a right back, has Cahill and his performances forced himself ahead of Luiz in the pecking order?

I love Cahill’s attitude to defending, it’s old school and he is a rare breed of defenders who literally live for a clean sheet first and foremost and will do anything to stop someone scoring. I class Cahill now in the same category as the likes of John Terry and Jamie Carragher, two from the old school breed.

Look around the Premiership and think of many others from the same mould, there is little to choose from.

How many times have we seen Cahill literally throw his body in front of an attacker to stop them. Think back to the Europa League final and the double block he made then to prevent the opponent from scoring.

He has become one of the most consistent defenders in the country and works his socks off all game. People forget he has played in the Champions League final and Europa League final and has been immense in both.

I cannot help but think that if Cahill was playing against Everton, he wouldn’t have made the same mistake Luiz did in rushing out and leaving JT and Ivanovic with a man over.

Based on all this and based on the consistent and strong performances from Cahill week in, week out for club and country, do you believe he is now untouchable and should be starting every week?


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