Mismanagements and Governance: The Parallel Lines dividing Lalit Modi and N. Srinivasan

Blog by: Roh

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The decision to impose a life-long ban on Lalit Modi, erstwhile vice-president of BCCI, may not come as a surprise considering the magnitude of the man’s ill-deeds. But where the BCCI has displayed a unique kind of solidarity – with all BCCI members being univocal in their opinion about banning Modi – it’s ironic to see that the same members seem to be reluctant to oppose the high-handedness of the currently in-exile BCCI president, N. Srinivasan.

Though the Cricketing Association of Bihar has indeed then filed an application in the Supreme Court t restrain Srinivasan from chairing the BCCI AGM (Annual General Meeting) scheduled on the 29th of September, there seems to be no worry hampering the man in question. He continues to remain as confident as ever, presenting a holier-than-thou attitude and making bold statements about his lack of involvement in the IPL spot-fixing scandal. His behavior speaks of certain callousness and an utter disregard to the ideated rules and norm thus making him out to be dictatorial and quite self-centered rather than someone who prioritizes the sport.

As focused as Srinivasan then seems to be in terms of directing the proceedings of the BCCI to suit his continuity in the Board, the focus loses its intensity as far his obligations towards eliminating the taint within Indian cricket and answering the questions about his son-in-law’s involvement in the spot-fixing incident are concerned. It is even sadder – humiliating in fact – to see that there doesn’t seem to be anyone keen to forcefully to raise these issues before N. Srinivasan and ask him to deliver answers that aren’t mere platitudes.

Ousting Lalit Modi in a bid to ensure that the man doesn’t get any further chance to exploit his power and stature may have been a pivotal victory for the BCCI. But even this pivotal victory wouldn’t take long to become a figurative win if the more serious problems – namely surrounding the IPL – aren’t addressed as emphatically as they need to be. As promptly as the BCCI members decided to do away with the Kochi Tuskers franchise, in the wake of Lalit Modi disclosing its ownership details on Twitter, it is difficult to comprehend the reluctance by the members about taking a firmer stand about the Chennai Super Kings.

Eve discounting the problematic element of ambiguity in the rules and regulations pertaining to franchise ownerships, the involvement of a close family member in the spot-fixing incident is reason enough to warrant CSK’s ouster from the IPL. It then doesn’t – rather, shouldn’t – matter whether Gurunath Meiyappan was removed as the ‘Team Principal’ after the scandal was exposed allowing the team to claim ignorance about the shameful activities going on. The skewed manner of handling two issues that deal – at their core – about underhandedness and corruption is reality check indeed.

The two aspects also then present the underlying similarities between the two individuals in question: Lalit Modi and N. Srinivasan. The vociferousness and vehemence with which both have been brushing aside all their inadequacies is quite uncanny. It’s also a testament to the way their past successes have accounted and influenced the trajectory of their respective careers, turning them from the finest ambassadors to present cricket before the world with their clout and charisma to dark-shaded characters capable of tilting the very equilibrium of the sport with their audacity.

And even though Lalit Modi has been effectively banished from the Indian cricketing realm, he continues to be a force to reckon with often times mocking the very organization in whose upper echelons he once belonged. N. Srinivasan, on the other hand, still remains an on-your-face leader; unfazed by criticisms, unquestioned and unopposed by all when the need of the hour necessitates the very opposite.


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