David Moyes playing down Manchester United’s chances to sizzle in Europe

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David Moyes

David Moyes

David Moyes, prior to the defeat at home to West Bromwich Albion, had given a press conference in which he commented to various national newspapers about his side’s Champions League chances.

“To win the Champions League, you need five or six world-class players. Look at Bayern Munich, they have it. Look at Barcelona, who had it in the past and Real Madrid, who have maybe got it now. That’s the level you have to be at to win it. We’ve not got that yet but what we have got is experience.”

Let’s try and see what does he actually might mean with this statement?

Is it a message to the club? It maybe a veiled message hitting back at the new Manchester United CEO, Ed Woodward, who, it has been reported, has been responsible for United’s failure in the transfer window.

It has been reported that Moyes had a number of players on his mind to strengthen United’s midfield. There were names like Modric, De Rossi and Thiago amongst others who were linked to United.

Others including Fabregas, Ander Herrara and in other positions, Baines were confirmed targets. But all of these moves failed to materialise. Fans all over the world blamed Woodward for this and even Moyes, although to a lesser extent.

Moyes maybe indicating that the transfer window needed to be utilised properly and the main club transfer targets needed to be brought in.

On the other hand, it could be a message to the Glazer family. An indication that he wants them to start loosening their pockets or the club will suffer.

Moyes insisted after the end of the window that the pursuit of Herrera ended because the £30.5 million fee was considered to be too high. Manchester United had a £26 million bid rejected, but the extra £4.5m required to trigger the release clause was considered too high. Looking at the current state of the United team, a player of Herrara’s credentials could have had a massive impact.

If Moyes wanted a player but the extra £5 odd million required was considered as too high, then other alternatives needed to be looked at. But that didn’t happen either.

Maybe, it is a way for Moyes to get his message across to the Glazers. Spend or suffer. Moyes is desperate to succeed here as well. But maybe he’s asking for financial backing from the Glazers through this statement.

A message to the fans?

The job of being the manager of Manchester United Football Club, is without doubt one of the biggest jobs in world football. One man, Sir Alex Ferguson, performed it marvellously well over his tenure of 26 years at the club. He performed it so well, that it was always going to be difficult for any man coming in. Stepping into Sir Alex’s humongous shoes, was always going to be a tough job for any manager.

But, having said that, some sections of the fans are being increasingly critical of David Moyes by asking him to deliver immediately. He will require sometime to settle into the club. He will require time to deliver success to the club.

Maybe this is the message he wishes to put across to the fans.

His statement “we’ve not got that yet but what we have got is experience,” indicates that he intends to build on this squad. “We have not got that yet“, he says, stating that the team does not have the quality yet, but have got the experience.

His motive for the long term is to indicate to the fans that he intends to improve the squad, given enough time.

The United fans owe that to him. He needs to be give benefit of the doubt and trusted with the club. Let’s do that and get behind him, back him and support the club through troubled times.


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