Beyond Sachin: 10 Reasons why there can never be another Sachin

Blog by: Shraddha
Australia v India - Tri-Series Game 10

Reality seems to have finally made inroads into the fans’ minds about not being able to see Sachin Tendulkar play for India ever again. In the wake of this realisation thus looms the question: will there ever be another Sachin Tendulkar? Not just from the Indian cricket perspective, but also from the global cricketing paradigm.

Looking back objectively at what Sachin’s been able to achieve in his ‘almost-quarter-of-a-century’ career, it would be only fair to say that his accomplishments were the perfect blend of inborn talent that came to the fore at an early age and which was further nurtured and shaped by circumstances. Tougher the circumstances were, Sachin only managed to come out stronger with more emphatic performances that did a great deal to substantiate his stature at the time of his retirement.

To be able to replicate what Sachin Tendulkar did, therefore would need an equal – if not more – measure of fortitude alongside the necessary skill-set from the contemporary generation of players. A highly demanding task by all accounts, further emphasised by the following aspects:

–          Consistency: The biggest factor contributing to Sachin’s longevity was his consistency throughout the course of his career, spanning across all cricketing formats and tournaments. Cricketers of today’s generation are however finding it hard to maintain their consistency in one format, let alone three which makes it difficult to comprehend their potential replication of the Little Master.

–          Format: Alongside consistency, Sachin’s exemplary skills on the cricketing field were also brought out by his ability to mould his game to suit each format. Presently however, there are very few cricketers who play all leading formats of the game, necessitating choosing different teams for the different formats. And amongst those who do so, the flamboyance that they display in the more conventional format of the game overwhelms the other nuances of their technical aptitudes. While in terms of statistics, these players may indeed come closer to matching – surpassing even – Sachin’s numbers, in terms of the sheer pleasure that Sachin’s techniques and flair invoked; they would be poles apart from the maestro.

–          Fitness: Another major factor that contributed to Sachin’s success was his high fitness levels. Though troubled by injuries on more than one occasion, fitness did play a major role in enabling Sachin to continue for so long in such a competitive sport. However, the way the sport’s evolving with increasing number of tournaments; it would be hard to conceive yet another player managing to maintain high levels of fitness as Sachin did.

–          Weaknesses: Where Sachin had no conceivable weaknesses that manifested themselves before opponents – a parade of them, the chinks in the armour of the contemporary generation of cricketers is far more obvious allowing opponents to pick out at them with ease. This tangible incompleteness definitely takes Sachin’s completeness to a totally different notch, making his accomplishments even harder to contend with.

–          Change in Expectations: The past saw Sachin trying to live up to his fans’ expectations single-handedly, more often than not, in a team sport. The present generation however expects cricketers to work as efficient cogs like in any other team event rather than heaping the expectations on one particular player. This substantially reduces the pressure on a lone player, which also edifices Tendulkar to be a player whose feats can never be replicated.

–          Change in Priorities: The equal amount of attention that Sachin was able to provide towards all leading cricketing formats has been a unique feat in itself. The fact that more and more players are opting to play certain formats rather than be equally proficient in all of them, also pinpoints the ‘never-to-be-bridged’ gap between Tendulkar and the contemporary cricketers.

–          Change in Cricketing Dynamics: As compared to the past, cricketing dynamics are changing quite fast presently. In such heavily changing scenarios, Sachin’s achievements seem almost sedate making it hard to imagine the present – and the future – generation being able to keep up to the changing dynamics, let alone reaching high pinnacles of uniform success.

–          Dilution of Milestones: The present cricketing era has seen an outpouring of milestones being achieved and overhauled. Given the spate of construction and demolishing of cricketing records that happen almost on a daily basis in the present times, Sachin’s accomplishments take on quite a distinctive tone making them even harder to overtake.

–          Balance of Mental Fortitude: While one could find arrogant and headstrong cricketers even back in Sachin’s heydays, when it came to retaliating against such cricketing examples, it was always Tendulkar who had the upper hand. Presently however, such retaliatory tactics seem to have faded away with cricketers’ cockiness and arrogance liberally pouring forth verbally. Yet another indication perhaps, that the past is indeed gone; never to be touched ever again in the future.

–           Competition: During the second test match between India and West Indies, a commentator recalled an anecdote about Sachin’s son quipping about competition making it difficult to enter and sustain in the sport. It may have been a teenager’s quip retorting to a teasing question flung at him. But one that holds true nonetheless. Not many cricketers get to debut as teenagers these days, which makes Sachin and the entirety of his career, a true master-class.

Be as it may, despite the evident differences between the past and the present and the differences that could emerge further in the future, cricketing greatness isn’t going to stop with Sachin Tendulkar. Talent has always spoken for itself in the cricketing realm and there will be someone who will go to achieve the heights of greatness, sparking instant recognition about him, just as Sachin has done all this while.


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